CUFI in Action - February 2019



Dear friend,

We are charging into 2019 full steam ahead, thanks to the tremendous momentum of last years’ successes. Now that we have topped 5 million members, Christians United for Israel is attracting more attention and respect than ever before from both the media and political leaders.

CUFI’s astonishing growth, from four to five million members in just ten months, was announced on Fox News at the end of last year. This brought greater attention to our year-end efforts to defend Israel in Washington DC. Notably, the media focused on CUFI’s grassroots campaign, which sent over 100,000 emails to put pressure on Senator Rand Paul for single-handedly blocking foreign aid to Israel. This was a move that was not well-received by his pro-Israel constituents in a state where CUFI had just successfully worked with the Kentucky governor to ban BDS against Israel. The press also recognized the significant role CUFI and our members played in backing the anti-human shields legislation, by sending 34,000 emails targeting Hamas and Hezbollah, which was passed by Congress and signed into law after the bill was introduced during the 2018 CUFI Washington Summit.

Last month, we held our annual CUFI Leadership Summit in San Antonio with our top grassroots leaders from across the country. It was exciting to hear what the Lord has been doing through the faithful efforts of these men and women who tirelessly volunteer their time and resources to stand with Israel and the Jewish people. Your ongoing support is essential to each one of the many victories we have celebrated in the last 13 years of CUFI’s history. Now we look ahead to the future, and we know that CUFI’s greatest days are just beginning.



One of the ways you are helping us change history is by supporting CUFI on Campus, which is now the largest pro-Israel campus organization in America. At the beginning of January, CUFI’s Partners sponsored the annual Student Advocacy Leadership Training (SALT) conference in San Antonio. We had a record-setting 154 students gather for rigorous and in-depth instruction on how to effectively defend and advocate for Israel on campus. This conference continues to produce high quality leaders who return to their colleges charged with energy and empowered with the knowledge and tools to combat BDS, defeat the lies of anti-Israel activists, and shift the conversation on their campus towards a positive recognition of Israel as the only beacon of hope and freedom in the Middle East.

Another important way you are helping CUFI change history is by sponsoring the annual Pastor Leadership Tours to Israel, which have kicked off this month. The pastors who go on these trips are transformed into passionate Zionists, and are often our most committed activists and valuable multipliers, as they connect us with their peers and their denominations. These pastors also help us identify and recruit high quality candidates for CUFI’s Congressional Liaison program and our CUFI on Campus Bonhoeffer program. Thank you for investing in the lives and ministries of these pastors, who reinvest themselves and their resources into the cause of defending the people of Zion!

Thank you for all you do to bless and defend Israel by supporting the work of Christians United for Israel. Each time we hold an event where members of the community or Israelis are able to attend and personally witness the outpouring of unconditional Christian love for them, you are helping us repair centuries of old wounds and restore the bonds between us. Each time Israel is threatened and CUFI is able to swiftly intervene with the truth and be a shield against the relentless lies and propaganda used by Israel’s enemies to bludgeon the Jewish state, you are helping us make Israel stronger and her people safer. Each time you help sponsor a pastor or a millennial leader or a college student to learn more about Israel through firsthand experience, you are directly affecting the course of history for both America and Israel.

Your contribution to this cause cannot be overstated! We cannot thank you enough for your generosity that enables CUFI to remain at the forefront of the fight to defend Israel. Thank you for partnering with us in 2019 as together we go forward—full steam ahead!

Blessings to you and those you love,

Please help Us do more for Zion's Sake

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