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Early on, we realized that one thing held more power than anything else to transform a passively pro-Israel or neutral Christian bystander into a passionate Zionist a personal experience with the land and the people of Israel. These newly energized Zionists then return to their sphere of influence and are compelled by their love of Israel and the Jewish people to take action. In this way, the fire within one person’s heart sparks a similar passion in hundreds or thousands of others, and an entire city or region can be transformed!

By investing in giving pastors, college students, and Millennial influencers a personal experience in Israel, we have strategically multiplied our ability to reach millions of people. Just this month, we were privileged to bring an entire busload of Christian NFL players to Israel for the first time. These young men of faith are role models for millions of people who have now seen their heroes share images and stories of what they learned in Israel. The value of these trips is priceless.

We just completed our biggest season of pastor tours since we began these trips in 2009. In the last three months, our staff led seven trips to Israel with over 200 pastors. This brings our total to just over 920 pastors CUFI has taken to Israel in the last nine years. Included in this season was our first trip with Hispanic ministry leaders, and our second trip filled with PCUSA and Methodist pastors whose peers were strongly impacted by the 2017 trip to Israel.



The following are just a small sample of the kinds of testimonies our trip participants provide:
"I went to Israel as an observer and came back a son of Israel…I am eternally grateful to CUFI and all those who made this trip possible.” Pastor Courtney Bennet, Sr.

“It’s not hyperbole when I say that being a part of this trip makes me a better friend to Israel, a better Christian, and a better pastor.” Pastor Chad Douglas

“I will undoubtedly take actions as a result of the trip. I have always had a ‘love’ for Israel but never had the mechanism and motivation to become a voice of influence and advocacy.” Pastor Ken Dillingham

“It is undeniable that something happens in the heart of a man when visiting modern Israel. A stirring of eternal proportions begin to arise in the soul of a man where his mind, will, and emotions are committed to defending the existence of Israel.” Reverend Shawn Hyland


 We could not afford to bring so many leaders to Israel without your generous support.  Thank you for helping us make Israel stronger and her people safer by supporting these trips to Israel. Truly miraculous things are happening all across this nation because of our investment in helping Christian leaders understand their connection to the land and people of Israel.

Blessings to you and those you love,

Pastor John Hagee
Founder and Chairman

David Brog


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